Only a handful of students pass the GCE Advanced Level in any subject stream and enter the universities internally. That is, less than 10 students a year enter internally qualified and enter universities through free education and realize their degree dream and succeed in life. The rest will lose their higher education and will be barred from pursuing higher jobs. External degree courses were conducted as a solution to this problem.


Archieve Through Professionals.

Although there are external degree programs in most of the universities in Sri Lanka, the external degree programs at the University of Kelaniya are selected by our institute as they cover all disciplines and have become the leading external degree institution in Sri Lanka since 1993, continuously producing thousands of graduates.

It is a great achievement for us to be able to play a major role in improving the quality of graduates by covering the syllabus properly using the internal lecturers of the universities.

Our institute has made all arrangements to make you a high quality graduate who joins as a novice scholar.


Join From Islandwide..

Most students have only the narrow intention of obtaining a degree. But you have to have a qualified graduate with the knowledge and skills to go to future jobs with the proper agronomy.

Also knowledge of English and IT is essential for the job market. Furthermore, this degree course should be used as a cover to develop practical knowledge, writing skills and decision making skills very quickly.

No matter where you are a student in Sri Lanka, the facilities required for your academic activities have been established at the branch centers of the Dalugama Kelani External Degree Institute.